Php Assignment

Order Description

Create a PHP script that can track the results of a football competition. At the end of a match, the persons registered for it may enter the results of the competition. When opening the site, the stand in the competition must be shown on the screen with the results of the already played matches and the matches to be played. Your script may assume a pool with football teams.

Give users the opportunity to create a user (see also the practice assignment 19-1).


The following tables must be created in the "dbLOI" database:


A table for saving the users.

A table for storing the football teams participating in the competition (name, place, playing strength etc). You can fill this table manually in PHPMyAdmin with at least five teams that play against each other in one pool. PLEASE NOTE: this table may NOT contain match information such as number of matches played, results etc.

A table for saving the league schedule including the results. This table includes the playing date, the home team (reference to the table with the football teams), the team (referring to the table with the football teams), the score of the home players and the score of the players.



Your elaboration must meet the following conditions:

-Well-formed HTML structure.

-Give the program the title "Submission order 051R5".

-Provide a neat and clear layout with a number of images.

-Create a central file containing the data for access to the database.

-Create multiple files.

-Also provide a script with which the team table can be filled with the teams you have chosen.

-The username must consist of at least three characters.

-The password must be stored safely in the table using MD5 and consist of at least eight characters.

-The e-mail address must be checked for accuracy with regular expressions. If it is correct, the user may be saved. If not, a notification must be displayed and the user must be able to change the e-mail address.

-If erroneous data has been entered, the values ​​already entered must remain in the form. Only when the data is correct and saved, the form must be cleared.

-The e-mail address must end with ".nl" and there must of course be a @. Furthermore, the domain name (the part behind the @ and for the.) Must consist of at least two characters and the name (the part before the @) must consist of at least two characters.

-An e-mail address can only look like <name> @ <domain> .nl. Other e-mail addresses are invalid. <name> and <domain> may only consist of upper and lower case letters.


-Make use of one session (variable), so that no unauthorized persons start updating.

-Make use of redirecting.

-Ensure sufficient error handling.

-Everyone can register as a unique user. An administrator is not necessary.

-Complete the competition schedule using a form. Tip: Create lists of the entered teams that can be chosen. You can come up with the performance dates yourself.

-Visitors to the site will see the current score in the pool, the results of all matches played and the matches to be played. The pool must be sorted with the team with the most points at the top. If that is the same, the team with the best goal balance must be put on top. The matches must be sorted with the oldest on the basis of the dates played.

-Show in the current state the number of matches played, the number of matches won, the number of matches played, the number of matches lost, the number of points, the number of goals scored, the number of goals against and the goal difference.

-The visitors also see the option "Log in" on the site.

-If someone is logged in, he sees the same as someone who is not logged in with the extra options "Logout" (instead of "Log in"), "Schedule" and the date of a not yet played match is a link to the form score.

-Use of Java (script) is prohibited.