Java Assignment

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Write a complete Java program that prints out the following information:

  1. Your Name in one line
  2. The CRN and your email in one line.


Include the screenshot of your code and the output as a part of your answer. Otherwise, you will be marked zero for this question.

Answer: Question Two

The following program supposes to add two numbers and generates the following output.

Sum of these numbers:35

Unfortunately, the program has compile-time and run-time errors that prevent the program from running and producing the correct result. Using the table below, allocate the error(s) on each program line.


1 public class Main {

2  public static Void main(String[] args)       

3      int num1 = 10

4      int num1 = 25;

5      int sum;

6      sum = num1 + num2;

7      System.outprintln("Sum of these numbers: "+sum);

8   }


Question 3


Consider the following java class:

 class Student {    private int student_Number;    private String student_Name;    public Student(int stNo,String name) {         student_Number=stNo;         student_Name=name;      }     public String getName() {       return student_Name;     }      public int getNumber() {       return student_Number;      }     public void setName(String st_name) {       student_Name = st_name;     } }

  1. What are the instance variables?
  2. What are the local variables?
  3. What are the accessor methods?
  4. What is the mutator method?

Question 4


Consider the following java class:

 public class Circle {    private double radius;    private String color;      public Circle(){     radius=0;     color = "red";     }    public Circle(double r, String c){     radius=r;     color = c

   }      public void setColor(String c){       color = c;

  }    public double getRadius(){       return radius;   }    public String getColor(){        return color;    } }

 Write a Tester class named CircleTester which contains the following instruction:

  1. Use the first constructor to create a circle object c1.
  2. Use the second constructor to create a circle object c2 where radius =15, color = “Green”.
  3. Use the setColor method to change the color of the circle c1 to ““Yellow”.
  4. Print the  radius and color of circle c2.