Java Science Museum

Order Description

Your task is to create an application to allow cataloguing of exhibits in a science Museum. Every exhibit must be categorised as relating to Physics, Chemistry, Biology (or Other), have a unique numerical identifier, and a description String. Exhibits may also be interactive or static, and also have a range f other attributes as defined in the UML diagram. An interactive  exhibit may be something like a plasma Ball, a static exhibit may be some meteorite rock.

Exhibits are placed within locations, stored within the 'exhibits' array in descendans of the location class (exhibit is defines as protected). These locations may be a 'DisplayLocation' which are stored when not on display. Each child class has its own unique attributes.

The getters and setters for class attributes are not shown in the UML and nee tobe added by you.


institutions such as museums/ libraries/ zoos often have exhibitions to coicide with the local/national events or seasons. Create a new class called 'Exhibitions' that canbe used to store details relating to an exhibision and all the items which are involved. Include atleast 3 attributes within the class that are relevant toexhibitions and an array to hold the items which are involved. The class should have constructor which takes your 3 attributes as parameters ans add/remove methods to associate / dissociate items with the exhibition. Both of Implement this new classes in your code and hand-draw the new class in a UML class diagram and show its relationship to an appropriate existing class.