Java Assignment

Order Description

Please create a graphical java solution to solve the problem found below:

Your fellow worker receives files that are very poorly formatted and is hopping that you could help. Each of these files contain a series of floating point numbers that are very tough to read.  Here is a sample file (random.txt).  Your task is to process all the numbers in the original file and create a new file that is much easier to read.

The program will need to:

  • get the original file name (with or without path) from the user.
  • specify the output file name (with or without path).
  • allow the user to set the field width and set the precision (after decimal point).
  • allow the user to set how many columns on each line (must be from 1 to 5)

The new file must not be created until:

  • the input file actually exists.
  • the destination file does not exist (don't overwrite any file).
  • the field width is specified
  • the precision is specified
  • the number of columns is in the range of 1 to 5.