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CS 310, Group Assignment #1 100 points Due: 10/8/2019

For the following 3 simple grammars write a recursive recognizer program for the language in Java. If the language give has a problem preventing it from being implemented recursively FIX it. You will be given a file of sample strings to test each language with. You should have 1 main program. A “tokenizer” class, a test method and one recursive recognizer method for EACH of the languages given below!!! Modularity is KEY. SUGGESTIONS: Your main program should prompt the user for which language they wish to test along with the name of the data file to test. Main should invoke the top level method for the appropriate class along and provide the name of the test file. The tokenizer class is used by each of the languages. It should have: oA constructor to create an instance of the tokenizer oA method to store the current string being tokenized oa method “getCurrentToken” to retrieve the current token from the string o a method to “getNextToken” (gets the next character and stores it as the current token). When we run out of tokens in the current string your group should select a special character from Unicode to represent the “end of string” token oa method to test if we are at the end of string oPerhaps a mechanism for resetting the tokenizer with a new string.. (to test the next one) oFOR ALL OF THE LANGUAGES tokens are always a single character oThere are NO spaces as part of the valid language Each language recognizer class should consist of a series of a series of (potentially) static methods oThere must be a “top-level” method that is given the file to process, sets and resets the tokenizer, and indicates whether or not a string is part of the given language. oAs each string is read it should call the start symbol for the language. oWhen the recursion ends this method should receive a “true” or “false” for each sentence, and should display an appropriate message to the screen. Remember a string is ONLY valid if the recognizer returns true and you are at end of string.

Language 1:   ac | | b    c  | d    d | a