C# Assignment Lab 2

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This assignment builds on your Lab #1. Be sure to save your Lab1 web site in another location before starting this lab in case any questions come up with your Lab #1. You will use .Net (C#) and SQL Server again. You will reuse the ERD, data definitions, and Class diagrams from Lab 1 except for the one exception; the primary key for the Student, School will use identity for the primary key (this is the only place where identity can be used). A student does not need to rent a property.

Your SQL Server database for this lab is Lab2. You will place Student and Property and Payments in three different forms and use a Master Page. You must NOT use an array of objects anywhere in this assignment.

Using a Gridview or Dataview, you must show all Students whether they are renting a Property or Not (Student Last Name and PropertyID using a left outer join) when the appropriate button in the Student Form is selected. Your database connection must be included and utilized in the Web.config file.

Quality of Code

I will judge your programs both by how well they work, and based on the elegance of the code. The code should be well-documented and efficient. Proper indentation, descriptive variable names, and comments are essential. No extraneous variables or extra unnecessary lines of code. You must include your name and the honor code pledge near the top of all of your files.


Provide a meaningful name to your files. When completed, you will zip your Web Site folder and submit that into Canvas by the deadline (this will include all of the files required). Be sure to test all of your labs in Burrus /Showker before you submit them to be graded in Canvas. You will be penalized three points for every time your program does not run for the Instructor/Graduate Assistant (unless it was not an error caused by you).