Maths Test program

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Order Description

You are required to design and implement a “Maths Test” program that generates and presents simple maths questions to the user for them to answer. Once the test has been completed, the program displays the user’s overall score/result.

The entirety of this program can be implemented in under 115 lines of code (although implementing optional additions may result in a longer program). This number is not a limit or a goal – it is simply provided to prompt you to ask your tutor for advice if your program significantly exceeds it.

The program welcomes the user and then prompts them to select a difficulty. The user first tried entering “easy” and was told it was an invalid choice. They enter “1” and the program confirms that they have selected Easy mode. The difficulty determines the number of questions, largest number used when generating a question, and number of questions that the user can get wrong.

The program then generated 5 random questions (the last one being a challenge question with larger numbers) and presented them to the user, who answered 4 out of 5 of them correctly. Finally, the program displayed the overall score and percentage, and tells the user that they passed.