Java Assignment

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Order Description

List movies by category Console

Welcome to the Movie Lister


There are 100 movies in the list.


What category are you interested in? scifi


Star Wars

2001: A Space Odyssey

E.T. The extra-terrestrial

A Clockwork Orange

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind


Continue? (y/n): y


What category are you interested in? comedy


Annie Hall



Duck Soup


Continue? (y/n): n


· This application stores a list of 100 movies and displays them by category.

· The user can enter any of the following categories to display the films in the list that match the category:

animated drama horror musical scifi

· After each list is displayed, the user is asked whether to continue. If the user enters Y or y, the program asks for another category. Otherwise, the program ends.


· Use the Movie class that’s provided to store the title and category for each movie.

· Use the MovieDB class that’s provided to you to get the ArrayList objects. To do that, you’ll need to finish the code for the getMovies methods.

Possible enhancement EXTRA CREDIT

Display a menu of category choices and ask the user to select the category like this:

1. Animated

2. Drama

3. Horror

4. Musical

5. Scifi


Enter category number: