C# Assignment

Order Description

- Write an application that will read the initial text file into memory and display in the application. Once it is loaded, create a new file that is formatted as a valid XML file. The structure of the file is completely at your discretion. - Allow the user to select one of two styles for the XML file. You are to have two buttons in the application that will apply a different style sheet to the output.

-Any design documentation you utilised in defining the application - Please comment your code identifying the function of your code blocks -All solution files required to run the application within Visual Studio -A short paper (less than 500 words) introducing your application and the reasoning for the XML schema you have chosen for the output

With that said, I'll be attaching a zip that has a program created prior to this extension assignment for the program within the zip. You can edit the files within the zip to meet the requirements above.

(Please allow the files to import and export within the folder in the path C:\)