Php Assignment

Order Description

The client "Lunardo" is happy with your work (or happy with your price :-P ) and wants you to continue developing the website, implementing server side programming functionality. As part of the development process, the client wants you to have a debug module visible at the bottom of the page (ie under the footer) so that the inner workings of the page are visible when testing: request data ​$_GET and ​$_POST​ must be visible, what is in the $_SESSION (ie the shopping cart) and your page code. A file called ​tools.php must be created to house ​ALL PHP functions in one place and included near the top of your file. This file should have ​session_start() near the top so that your page has access to the session object. Movie data may be loaded from a spreadsheet using the ​fgetcsv() function, but this is an advanced task for interested students only. As much as possible, initialising and processing variables should be in organised structures rather than as disparate ad-hoc variables. You should also organise processing and validating code into functions so that the index and receipt pages are not cluttered with initialising and processing code.