C++ Document Analysis

Order Description

Write a modular program to do the following: • Ask the user for a file to read.

• Read through that file and count all the vowels

• Create an output file with the same name plus the word “Analysis” that contains a bar graph of the frequency.

At a minimum, there should be: • A main()function that controls the operation of the program • A countFromFile() function that takes an input stream and an array as parameters and fills the array with the counts of the vowels • A reportToFile() function that takes an output stream and an array as parameters and uses the array data to write a report to the selected stream

Submission All parts of the submission are to be uploaded in Canvas by the due date. Refer to the style guide posted in Canvas!

1. Write and submit a C++ source code file that implements your solution. (.cpp) a. Your source code must contain appropriate internal documentation (comments) b. Your source code must be neatly formatted for readability.

2. Write and submit an external documentation file (.docx or .pdf) that documents your solution. a. Program summary b. Documentation of working features (may include screenshots or descriptions of tests) c. Description of any problems you tested that caused the program to break, but you could not fix. (known issues)

3. Upload one test file and the resulting Analysis- file. a. Run your program on your test file. b. Upload that test file with your solution. c. Upload the output file