C Assignment

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1. Overview 

For this assignment, you will write a program that will read in the contents of a file using redirection, print the contents to the screen, show the total number of characters in the file, search for a character specified by the user and show the frequency of that character. The C concepts that this program will give you experience with include: using loops & conditionals, as well as printf & scanf, declaring variables, using logical expressions, and arrays. Also, this project is an exercise in time management and planning (i.e. writing algorithms) as much as it is an exercise in C programming. One of the most important lessons with programming is learning how to do things incrementally – breaking up a big program into smaller components and working on each component one at a time. Suggested phases are outlined below.


2. Notes on Collaboration 

You are required to work individually on this assignment. Please do not consult anyone other than your instructors or the lab assistants on any aspect of this assignment. Other tutors that are available may be able to help with more general C concepts that you may be struggling with, but not with questions specific to the assignment. Review the section on “Academic Integrity” on the Course Syllabus for the policy on what happens when copying or sharing code. For any of the programming assignments in lecture and/or lab, it is considered cheating to do any of the following: 

• discuss in detail the C code in your program with another student 

• show or share the C code in your program with another student 

• use C code obtained from another student, or any other unauthorized source, either modified or unmodified (each student is responsible for protecting his or her files from access by others) 

• use re-engineering tools 

• submit work of others, from the Internet or any other source, even if attributing the work to others