Lab Assignment 3A

Order Description

Write a class Store which includes the attributes: store name and sales tax rate.  Write another class encapsulating a Yarn Store, which inherits from Store. A Yarn Store has the following additional attributes: how many skeins of yarn are sold every year and the average price per skein.

Code the constructor, accessors, mutators, toString and equals method of the super class Store and the subclass Yarn Store; In the Yarn Store class, also code a method returning the average taxes per year.  

You should create a test class which creates 1 Store object and 2 Yarn Store objects, then calls your set methods, get methods, toString and equals methods and average taxes per year for the Yarn Store objects.

Remember to submit your pseudocode algorithm (use keywords from , all your .java files, .class files and screenshots of your code and output.

Add a comment heading on all .java files:

• Name

• Date

• Assignment

• Sources used to complete the assignment:  (this may be text and page numbers, tutor names and dates, a specific link, etc)


Program grading:

1. Submitted pseudocode showing logic steps to perform required task(s) ( 1 pt)

2. Submitted java File (1 pt) – include indentations and spacing, use of good naming conventions for variable and class names.

3.   Submitted .class File (1 pt)

4.. Submitted Screenshot of properly coded and presented output (and input if required) (1pt)

 5.    Properly working code applying techniques learned in weekly lesson (1pt)    


Each assigned program is worth 5 pts, 


Please be aware that copying and pasting code from any other source other than code you have explicitly written on your own is considered plagiarism.  If you receive help, that is fine however you need to write your own code, name your own variables and comment your own code. Students turning in the exact same work as another student will all be given zeros. Plagiarism is not tolerated and students found to be plagiarizing will be given a zero and reported to the university;  with the possibility of termination of the class and degree program.