Visual Basic Assignment

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Order Description

You are to write a project to keep track of information for a YMCA.  You are to store the following information on members in parallel arrays: (these arrays are to be defined in a module, and therefore all forms within the project will be able to access the data)


§  Member Code  (four digit integer code)

§  Member Type ( string ) single, couple or family

§  First Name (string)

§  Last Name (string)

§  Age (Integer)

§  Gender (String - M/F)


You will set each of the array sizes to 100 and as the data is read in from the data file, you will count how many members are currently in the arrays. Therefore, to add a member, you will increment the count and read the new data into the arrays at the location “count”.


*The exact design of the forms is your choice, but you must have at least the following:

1.     An opening form that reads in all data from the member data file and displays the data on the form.  This form will also have buttons on it to go to two other forms, the MODIFY AND REPORT which will have the functionality as listed in 2 and 3 below.  This main form will also have an exit button that when clicked, will write all current data back to the data file.

2.     MODIFY- This form will allow you to add or modify information in the arrays.  To add, you will have to increment a count to keep track of how many (remember to count how many members you currently have in the parallel arrays)

3.     REPORT- This form with buttons to run the reports as follows::

ü Basic Member Info - Displays member information in the member arrays

ü All members of a specific gender (input the gender to search for)

ü All members of a specific type (input the type to search for)

ü All members over a specific age (input the age to search for)

ü All information on a specific member (input the id to search for)




Please provide Source code.  Remember, do not make it to complex.  See my previous submission example.doc for an idea of my skill level.