c# employee records with lists

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Upon further review of the previous assignment, you have determined that you can make your application (from Week 1) more efficient by replacing the arrays with Lists.Please NOTE:  The RUBRIC for this assignment is attached to this assignment in the Materials section on the right. Your application will need to implement requirements 1 - 3 & 5 of the Week 1 assignment. For requirement #4, you will do the following:    Load employee information from a text file selected by the user into a LIST Collection consisting of Managers and Developers.  The format of your text file should be something like this:First Name, Last Name, Street Address, City, State, Zip, Employee Type (Manager or Developer), Cost Center (0 if Developer), Supervisor, Tax Type (NA if Manager)    There should be a separate line for each employee (only one line per employee with the fields above) and your file should contain at least 7 - 10 employee records.  You should save the file with a .txt or .csv extension.The following requirements detail the critical elements that will determine the grading criteria for your submission.  Please see the rubric below these requirements.

  1. The application should compile and run successfully
  2. The application should display Inheritance (Week 1 Requirement).
  3. The application should allow the user to load a text or csv file for processing (Week 1 Requirement).
  4. The application should load the text file elements into LIST employee records (Step 1 Above).
  5. The application should display records from the array.  The number of records to display should be selected by the user.  (Week 1 Requirement).
  6. Your application should contain comments to explain the data and process flow of your code.