ASP.NET Core 2.0 Web project

Order Description

You are required to develop an ASP.NET Core 2.0 Web project that will meet the following requests:

For MS SQL database, it requires to have at least three tables. The fields in each table should have different data types, e.g. numbers, text, etc.

For security reason, your Web project should include a login page. (user name and password must be provided in your document for assessment).

The home page should be user friendly (e.g. having logos, colours, images, and etc.) and navigate to each functional page as well as to test pages.

Validation controls are needed for user’s data entry, e.g. numeric field needs to be protected from text data.

Web pages for each business application table require basic data processing functions such as entering, editing, and deleting.

These web pages also should have advanced functions such as sorting and searching. In your black box testing, you must have enough records entered into each table in order to show the relationships of these tables.

In your white box testing, validations, you must have enough test cases to exam the validation, boundary data, etc.

In your unit & automated testing, you must to have enough test cases for classes and test web pages for each table. You also use different test data on your test pages and in your database tables.

In your static code analysis, you must use code security software 1) to identify the vulnerabilities of your web project code; 2) to interpret the analysis results using your words; and 3) to make your security plan of possible optimised solution.

The deliverables for the assignment are:

Project Files and Documentations

All your project files must have internal comments in self-documenting code based on a coding standard.

Your testing document must clearly identify the testing puose, testing method, test cases, and your judgement.

Your static code analysis report must include pupose, method, tools, testing results, your interepation intrepretation , and your plan of possible optimised solution. Each group must prepare an MS PowerPoint slides for a 15-minute group presenttaion.

All your project files and documentations for this project is to be uploaded on Moodle before due date.

Class Presentation

Each group will have 15 minutes to present their project in MS PowerPoint, and presentation time will be announced in advance.