Dr java problem

Order Description

You are to write a program to produce personalized computer simulated flash cards for the arithmetic operators + - * and /. In other words, you are to place a problem (Problem object) on the screen (Wind object), wait for the player to enter their answer, and compare their answer to the correct answer. If their answer is correct you should display randomly, one of five different, motivational messages (like WOW or FANTASTIC, etc.). If their answer is incorrect you should display a supportive error message and give them another chance to answer (they should be given three tries in all before you give them the correct answer). The player should be presented with an unlimited number of problems. Your program should keep track of the number of correct responses (even if it takes three tries) and when the player chooses to end their session your program should close with statistics telling them the percentage correct, and some message based on that percentage (ex: GOOD WORK or maybe KEEP TRYING).




 You must use the classes Problem and Wind as presented in lecture and available from the github repository cdtanner/CS110BASICS. You cannot modify these classes. You must name your class FlashCards. Only turn in the file FlashCards.java via eCampus.