C++ Low level input/output

Order Description

Description Write a program to gather the number of times particular groups of characters appear in a file. 1. Allow the user to specify which file to process. 2. Count how often the following types of characters occur: • Alphabetic characters • Numeric characters • Control characters • Upper case characters • Lower case characters • Punctuation characters • Total number of characters in the file 3. Have the program output the gathered results to a file name “stats.txt”. 4. Display the information (left justified) in the order shown above. 5. For each group of character types add a column that shows how often these characters appear. 6. Add an additional column that shows what percentage that this groups comprises of the total number of characters in the file. Display this number with one decimal point. (Note: The percentage is not required on the line that display the total number of character processed. 7. Please ensure all numerical columns are right justified, display appropriate precision and form a nice vertical table. Hint Please use any appropriate functions as found in the library file CCTYPE that would be help. Submission All parts of the submission are to be uploaded in Canvas by the due date. Refer to the style guide posted in Canvas! 1. Write and submit pseudo-code (or flow chart) to describe how your program will operate 2. Write and submit a C++ source code file that implements your solution. a. Your source code must contain appropriate internal documentation (comments) b. Your source code must be neatly formatted for readability. 3. Submit some evidence of testing. (e.g. Documented and described screenshots that show the results of your tests.)