C# Stocklist program

Order Description

Is to create a simple graphical user interface that will read a text file and display the

contents on screen. The program will then allow alterations to be made to the “Current Count” field

only, and when the required adjustments have been made, the text file is adjusted (or a new text file

is written) with the adjusted amounts being represented.


2.Your code must include commenting to explain function and reasoning for each code block.

3. The filestream class must be utilised.

4. The array or list(T) class must be utilised.

5. The user must be able to select an order to view the data from the file: sorted by “Item

Code”, “Current Count” or “On Order”.

6. A document must be provided detailing the debugging processes and steps taken in

development of this application.


The following attributes of the project however, must be enforced:

1. The text file must remain in the format of the sample provided in the Supporting Documents


2. The file must be read from, and written to the following directory – c