JavaScript Arrays

Order Description

Using the following array, compare an arbitrary latitude and longitude inputs with the latitude and longitude of the trees in the array. 

If the difference between the latitude values and longitude values both produce some set small value or less (ie if lat < 0.000...005 && long< 0.000...005) , store the scientific name of the tree in an array to be returned by the function. 

If more than one tree of a differing scientific name falls into the range of closeness, add that tree to the array as well. 

If a scientific name is already in the array, don’t add it to the array.

Have the function return the array after it has iterated through each tree. Then print to screen or use console.log to ensure the function works

Note that the number values in the specificTrees array are currently stored as strings so you will have to convert them as well. 


var specificTrees = []; specificTrees [0] = ["siteIDHere", "-120.3663684453835", "50.67344526393754", "Quercus macrocarpa"]; specificTrees [1] = ["siteIDHere", "-120.3685142309523", "50.67419638479264", "pinus ponderosa"]; specificTrees [2] = ["siteIDHere", "-120.3663684453834", "50.67344526393754", "Quercus gambelii"]; specificTrees [3] = ["siteIDHere", "-120.3663684453835", "50.67344526393754", "Quercus macrocarpa"];   // skeleton of function I’m asking for function getTreesNearby(longitude, latitude){ // may need more parameters if necessary var results[]; // comparisons here return results; }