JSON Implementation

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JSON Implementation


Please NOTE:  The Rubric for this assignment is attached in the Materials section on the right.


You are tasked with creating a new application that will implement JSON, allow employee records to be edited and deleted with the results being saved back to the original JSON data file.


In order to JSON file loading, you will need to download the Newtonsoft JSON DLL.  This can be found at the following web site:  https://www.newtonsoft.com .  Instructions for download and implementation are also found at the same web site.

The following elements are defined as requirements for this application.


1.    OOP Implementation

Define a class containing the following fields using proper OOP concepts.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Street Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Employee Type

 2.    JSON Implementation

A proper JSON data file must be defined for this application.

JSON file format examples can be found using online resources such as the following:

JSON files can be validated using online resources such as the following:

Your application must load and display the JSON file data.  Display instructions should follow those used in previous Week Assignments.


3.    Employee Data Edit/Delete

Your application should allow the user to select and edit or delete an employee record.  The results from this edit/delete operation should be displayed on your UI.  Refer to the Demo app for this week for an example of an edit/delete method.


4.    JSON File Save

The results from all edit/delete operations should be saved using the JSON file format noted in Item #2 above.


5.  Your code must compile and run. 


6.    Your code must have code comments.