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Using recursion, create a program that will allow for a user to enter 5 numbers. The program will provide the product of all 5 numbers using recursive methods. Submit screenshots of your program’s execution and output. Include all appropriate source code in a zip file

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An Introduction to C# and .NET Adding variables

The Software Development Company now requests you build a C# program to collect information on software developers. For this week's assignment, build on the Week One Individual Assignment, "Console Display Message," by allowing the user to enter one software developer's name, ZIP Code, and monthly gross pay. After the user has entered the data, the program should display on the console the software developer's name, ZIP Code, monthly gross pay, and taxes paid for that month. Taxes are...

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An Introduction to C# and .NET lesson 1

The Software Development Company wants to develop software for internal use. The company hired you to develop a Visual Studio® C# .NET Framework (not .NET Core) Console Application displaying a Software Development Company Welcome message on the console. Using Visual Studio® and relating C# programming concepts, write a program that displays a welcome message on the console. Review debugging in Lesson 2, "An Introduction to C# and .NET" of the Pluralsight courseC# F...

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